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Fuck Buddies – Derreck and Dylan

Hey there once more guys, the Austin Zane crew is here once more to entertain you and we have some fresh images for you to see. In this update we bring you Derreck and Dylan and these two studs are very horny and ready to show off their stuff. The couple have been together since they got out of college and they seem to be having fun every night of the week. And to prove their love for each other, this couple formed from this two studs intends to show off how they like to have sex and spend their nights together. So let’s just sit back and watch this whole private party. We can pretty much say that you will love seeing these two’s chemistry today.

Derreck and Dylan are all ready to throw down as one might say and you get to watch the whole thing as usual. The sex session would go down right in the living room. Watch as the two studs take great care to remove one another’s clothes to reveal those superb bodies to the cameras this fine afternoon. And you can watch as Derreck goes all in in his buddy’s ass as he jams his cock balls deep inside him. So watch the sexy stud Dylan as he gets fucked in the ass today just for you and to his and Derreck’s pleasure. We’ll be sure to have some more superb and sexy studs here soon, and so be sure to check back regularly and see what we have in store for you everyone!


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